The Hale Village Therapy Centre

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For personal help, email Karen on :

In emergency you may contact Karen on 07956614335

Only Hale Village Therapy Centre approved therapists can use this booking System, and only weekends are available for hourly ad hoc slots, unless you are already paying for a regular slot and need an occasional extra booking. 

Log on with the user name and password given to you on your approval.

Click on the date and time you wish to commence your booking, enter the duration and your name as the label.

Leave a 15 min gap after any earlier booking to allow change over between therapists.

If you pay by bank transfer (our preferred method),please ensure your payment is made on the Friday before your weekend booking.

If you are looking for a regular weekday slot, these are available in 4 hour sessions 9am-1pm, 1.15-5.15 and 5.30-9.30pm. The weekly calendar shows the currently available slots for each room.